Practice Areas

Business Transactions and Corporate Law

Business transactions range from the mundane service contracts that customers sign every day to the purchase of major machinery that serves the heart of the business’s operations. No matter how big or how small the transaction, it’s important to carefully follow the legal process to reduce risk and avoid unnecessary losses.

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Estate Planning and Probate

John K. Carter Law can help document important decisions concerning your money, real estate, personal property, children, healthcare, and individuals who want to make decisions on your behalf and your estate’s behalf. Certain trusts are special estate planning tools that can help shield a person’s estate from taxes or direct how beneficiaries will receive assets.

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Real Estate Transactions

While many types of transactions are completed without the assistance of an attorney, real estate transactions should not be one of them. Although in basic principle they are simply a purchase and sale, there are numerous complications that could arise to derail a deal or cause significant economic losses.

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