General Practice

general-practice-attorney-st-petersburg-fl-john-k-carterThe Law Office of John K. Carter is a full-service law firm that believes in building a long-term relationship with its clients. As such, it seeks to assist clients with all of their legal needs and not just a single transaction. The firm represents clients in legal matters including the following.

Misdemeanor & Felony Arrests

Any arrest can have life-altering consequences. Even a petty crime requires disclosing an arrest and conviction on employment and rental applications. A sentence of jail, probation, or license suspension can lead to loss of employment and a resume gap that can be difficult to recover from. When faced with these heavy consequences, don’t delay taking action to fight the charges. Immediately contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Employment Law

Even today, wrongful termination, discrimination, wage theft, overtime violations, and other labor law violations are still common. Many employees may feel that they have no choice to accept these conditions or lose their income. In fact, the law provides substantial protections for employees including penalties for employers who penalize employees for standing up for their legal rights.

To get assistance with these and other legal matters, contact the Law Office of John K. Carter in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay today.